Manic Street Preachers frontman James Dean Bradfield thinks that bands these days lack imagination.

The musician told Wales Online: “If Richey [Richey Edwards, the band’s late guitarist] was around now he would have absolutely slayed people.

“In terms of how branded everything is, how branded bands are, he would have been disgusted by it. He would have been so completely angry about some things it would be like having an assassin in the band.”

He also commented: “It would have been the perfect time for him to have been a musician, a lyricist and a quote machine. You wish he was still around so we could just set Richey loose on them.”

Bradfield also shared his views on modern bands with The Scotsman saying: “Mark E Smith created his own language. Shaun Ryder created his own language. Simple Minds were working class lads who had no right to sound like an ambitious, experimental, krautrock-loving Scottish dream.

“These guys all had pure, vivid imagination and they transformed themselves.”

He added, “When I look at bands now I see a lot of checked shirts, wedge haircuts, guitars worn high, steals from calypso music and hey-ho, we get songs for insurance ads.”