Sandra Bullock has said her and George Clooney are too similar to ever date each other.

The Oscar winning actress spoke about her Gravity co-star on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: “We go way back, so far back that we’ve now started to take years off how long it’s been.

“We’ve known each other for a while... I think we’re probably the only two that haven’t dated in the business.”

She added: “I think it’s probably because we’re a little too similar, in all the disturbing ways.”

Bullock also told of the “man time” her son Louis, aged 3, Clooney and Cindy Crawford’s husband Rande Gerber have together.

She told Leno: “The cute little anecdote is that he [Louis] went to me and said, ‘Where’s George and Rande?’ I said ‘I don’t know’ and he said ‘I need them.’ So we went and found them and they had man time.

“I sorted of stood off to the side and waited for them to finish. Then I was allowed to take him back.”

Bullock adopted Louis in 2010 and his bond with Clooney is clear with her adding: “My son thinks he’s a very cool dude. If there’s a choice between me and George and Alfonso [Alfonso Cuaron, the director], my son will leave me to be with George and these guys.

“He’s a boy’s boy, so he has to go talk to the men.”