Gemma Arterton was impressed by Ben Affleck’s improvisational skills while working together on Runner Runner.

The former Bond girl plays Affleck’s right-hand woman in the film that also stars Justin Timberlake.

She told OK! Magazine: “We had this weird back story and a relationship in the film years ago, and he has this possessive thing over me.

“My character is very dependent and cutting. In one scene Ben’s character finds out that I’ve just had a night of intimacy with Justin’s character and he gets very jealous and pounces on me – that wasn’t in the script. Its fun but he really sprung it on me.”

She continued: “There’s a lot of that, he’s a director as well so it was cool. I love all that stuff. I’m like ‘Bring it on, do something that’s going to freak me out!’ What was on the page became so much more than what was on the page, much richer.”