Claire Danes has revealed she turned down a role in J Edgar to star in Homeland.

Speaking to Vogue Danes explained why she chose Homeland: “I was like, ‘Do I want to play the secretary to the boss man or do I want to be the boss man?'

“[I thought] ‘I want to be the boss man’. I was scared of it [the Homeland role], and I thought, ‘Ok, right, that means I have to do it’."

Starring in J Edgar would have seen Danes reunite with Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time since Romeo + Juliet.

Danes also spoke about being intrigued by Homeland’s complexity. “When I read the script, the writing was so good, and the cliff-hanger was amazing.”

Danes took home the Best Lead Actress in a Drama Emmy Award last weekend for her work on Homeland.