Argo star Ben Affleck has lavished Sexy Back singer Justin Timberlake with praise, stating that the former N Sync star is "incredibly gifted."

The 41-year-old star further explained that he is one of JT's "biggest fans," saying: "I love Justin. Being around Justin is inspiring, he works really hard, he's incredibly gifted. There's nothing the guy can't do. I really am the biggest fan of his. I'm trying to win tickets to the show."

Contact Music further quote Affleck as saying: "He dances like Michael Jackson, sings, writes music...There's 400 million boy bands, he's the one guy that became a gigantic star."

The pair star in Runner Runner, a thriller drama that sees Timberlake's character (Richie) cheated out of a large sum of money while online gambling. He travels to Cuba to confront Ivan (Affleck, the man who he thinks has stolen his money.

Runner Runner is in cinemas now.