One of Ireland's most successful comedians Katherine Lynch told Miriam O'Callaghan on The John Murray Show today why she is taking a break from comedy to focus on her musical career.

Lynch recently launched her debut album, Settling Dust and she told O'Callaghan on Radio 1 this morning about the inspiration for one of the albums new songs, Amsterdam.

"It's about Love Lost. I went to Amsterdam with an ex-boyfriend of mine," said Lynch, adding, "that was where we fell in love and we fell out of love after a while and I wrote that song about it."

O'Callaghan asked the comedian how her new album came to be: "It came about at a time when I split up with that said person and also my father had just passed away and I really didn't feel connected to comedy at all.

"I still had to do it, I still had shows to do in Vicar Street and I still had the Television shows to do. I suppose it was all about balance so I could pull some poems I had written before and my piano player, Pavel, who I normally do comedy with, I brought him in a bunch of poems and very serious writing at one stage."

She added: "We worked really well together on it and then we brought it to crash records and they loved it because it was a proper demo...And we got good reviews Miriam!"

O'Callaghan responded with: "It is nice to get good reviews."

Lynch agreed: "Especially when you're a woman who normally is upsetting the status quo. It's good to get 'she's very sensitive and emotional' instead of 'rude, crude and lewd!'"

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Katherine Lynch will perform a concert, Songs from Settling Dust, reuniting with some of the musicians who helped create her first album, which includes seven self-written songs, in the Sugar Club on Saturday October 5.