Jake Gyllenhaal has spoken about his fascination with the mountain in the run up to his upcoming movie Everest.

Gyllenhaal will play Scott Fischer in the film, a man who died in 1996 when a storm hit Mount Everest as he and seven other people were climbing.

The actor told GQ about his fascination with the world’s tallest mountain, “With Everest, it’s a story that I’ve always been fascinated with – even just as a metaphor.

“The idea of what is seemingly unattainable, but the reasons why people go there and try and, as they say, ‘conquer’ a mountain. That is a fascinating turn of phrase. That somehow getting to the top of it is conquering it.”

He also gained inspiration when researching the role, “I like the idea of the adventurer's spirit. I think that is very much what a man searches for, in a certain way. But where I find myself getting caught up is where that spirit doesn't meet discipline.

"What I loved about the process of researching Everest is just what a science it all is. You can believe in the sense of adventure, and you can create nostalgia based on some lofty idea of it, but ultimately to conquer that mountain requires great discipline - using your critical, analytical mind - as well as that spirit we all talk about."