Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is returning to comedy and reprising his role on How I Met Your Mother.

After starring in the most-acclaimed TV show in recent years, Cranston returns to a more sedate setting and will again play Hammond Druthers, a co-worker of Ted Mosby. Cranston last appeared in the second season of the successful sitcom.

CBS confirmed the news on its Twitter account, tweeting: "CASTING NEWS! @BryanCranston returns to #HIMYM later this fall as Hammond Druthers! #BreakingMOTHER"

Fans of the show – which runs on UK channel E4 – will recall that Druthers was the kind of boss that everyone hated. Ted became Hammond's boss, but his behaviour didn't change.

Ted finally fired him after Hammond received divorce papers from his wife, and while he was having a heart attack, although Ted thought he was faking.