Sandra Bullock has been immortalized with a hand and footprint ceremony at Hollywood's Chinese Theatre.

The Blind Side Oscar winning star was honoured at the ceremony in Los Angeles yesterday (September 25, 2013).

The actress also revealed to media why she agreed to star in the new space epic Gravity, saying that she was very keen to work with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuarón.

Speaking to HitFix, she explained her decision: "Because of Alfonso and his work before I don't think there is anyone else I think I would have had the balls to step in and do it with because my desire to work with him was so strong."

She added: "And after meeting him as a human being I went, 'I can't believe this person I sort of idolised turned out to be an extraordinary human being'.

"Usually you're disappointed. We let people down a lot."

She admired him more after working with him: "[He] exceeded who he was as an artist to me.

"If this person can feel what he feels about life and have these points of view and tell this emotional story."