Rapper Drake has confessed he had to work up the "the nerve" to ask Jay Z if he could keep their collaboration for his own album.

The 26-year-old Headlines hitmaker had to ask Jay Z if he could keep Pound Cake after Jay Z indicated that he wanted to include it his latest album Magna Carter.

Drake revealed he heard Jay Z's lyrics while working in the studio with his superstar wife Beyonce, and he immediately came up with beat ideas for the track.

He said: "I had the nerve to ask Jay if I could not only get that song from him, but if I could get the acapella because I had an idea for it. He sent me the two verses acapella - he told me, 'I never do this.'"

Drake adds: "The beat brought the Jay verses to life. I sent the song back to Jay - and that was when it almost became a Jay Z song. But he's such a good guy, he was like, 'I gave you my word.' I don't know what I'd do without that guy sometimes, he's just full of gems and advice."

The track now features as part of the closing outro on Drake's new release, Nothing Was the Same.