Robin Thicke has hinted that there could be a follow-up to Blurred Lines.

The 36-year-old singer revealed that he is planning to team up with producer Pharrell Williams and rapper T.I for a follow-up to the popular song.

Speaking to Billboard, Thicke said: ''I would love to do it again and I'm sure we will.''

However, Thicke insisted that he would approach a sequel with caution over fears it may not match its previous success, adding: ''It's one of those catch twenty-twos where you want to repeat that success but you don't want to mess with those transformers.''

Thicke further explained that he is delighted with the success of Blurred Lines, saying: ''It did so well in so many countries that I've never had much success in, and to be able to get that kind of worldwide exposure and give yourself a chance to go out and tour Asia and South America and some of these places I haven't frequented, that is an amazing blessing.''