Robert Pattinson says Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg helped him gain confidence as an actor.

The 27-year-old actor, who rose to fame as vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga franchise, explained that he didn't feel like a proper actor until Cronenberg convinced him of his great talents.

Speaking to French magazine Madam Figaro, Pattinson said: ''Cosmopolis is the film of my career. Beforehand, I didn't consider myself to be an actor, even with 10 years of acting under my belt.

''I've always felt out of place. I doubt myself. David Cronenberg restored my belief in myself and changed the way I act and think about the industry.''

While Pattinson admits that landing the lead role in the Twilight Saga was a "blessing," he often fears that he has made the wrong career decision.

He added: "When you're blessed with a phenomenon like Twilight, it's difficult to imagine being perceived in another way by the public.

''I thought I would never get out of it ... that kind of success can become a gilded cage. I know I've escaped a pivotal stage in my life.

''All the choices I make today will forever define my future. The pressure is huge, I'm constantly wondering, 'Have I made the right choice?' At the same time, I won't let fear take over.''