Hugh Jackman said he felt a responsibility to not sensationalise the story is his new film Prisoners.

Jackman plays a man whose daughter and best friend have been kidnapped in the movie and he wanted to do the role justice.

He told MTV News, "The more I researched this – I read a lot of stories, I saw a lot of videos of endless parents doing those press conferences. It's happening now. Gosh, the whole Ariel Castro case has just played out in front of us all.

"The stuff goes on. Not that I expect people who have been through this to watch the movie – I felt a responsibility to not sensationalise that story, not just do a classic revenge torture thriller, but actually to delve into the realities of it."

He continued to speak about how the film has opened his eyes on how harsh life can be, "I want [my children] to go out into the world thinking things will be ok. The harsh reality is that things don't always turn out ok."