X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger has said she doesn't want to kill anyone's dreams on the show and she loves the balance of judges.

The former Pussycat Doll told the Daily Express, "I think if you have 'it', no matter what the environment, we're going to know when we see it."

She spoke about the judging panel, "It's great because Gary and I are very empathetic to the artists, being artists ourselves. It's good to have the juxtaposition and the conflict with the two managers because they see things differently.

"They speak differently. Louis will say, 'You're not a star, you're not going anywhere'. I look at myself as an artist ambassador and I'm thinking, 'Don't ever tell someone that, don't kill their dreams'."

Scherzinger also commented on Sharon Osbourne's return to the show, "Last year, when they asked me who I wanted the next judge to be, I said Mrs O. For me, she's the queen, the one who started the show. It's an honour, a blessing and a blast to work alongside her, and the other judges as well."