Ronnie Corbett has said his friend, Bruce Forsyth, finds hosting Strictly Come Dancing “gruelling” each week.

Speaking to The Sun the comedian said "Bruce seems to thrive on entertaining but whether he will thrive after this series of Strictly I don't know.

"He must get tired. I think after this series he will give himself a Brucie Bonus. Every Saturday is gruelling. It is really hard going.

"It is not something I could do each week on Saturday nights now. I enjoy working but only on certain things. Bruce is a special breed and his talents are very diverse as he can dance and play the piano."

He continued "But Bruce does not walk down the stairs now - he comes down from the side like a dancer."

Corbett once filled in for Forsyth on the show in 2009. He said "I tried my hand at Strictly once but it was only for one week. When Bruce called me and told me I was doing it, I nearly fell down the stairs."