Strictly Come Dancing hopeful Susanna Reid has said that she plans to rehearse for the show with her BBC Breakfast co-host Bill Turnbull, a former Strictly contestant.

Reid told Radio Times: "After we've grilled the politicians, discussed the weather and reviewed the papers (on BBC Breakfast), I'm relying on Bill to help me out when I forget the foxtrot, with a few refresher lessons behind the Breakfast sofa.

"Hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride."

Reid continued: "People ask: 'how will you fit in the training?' Can I really practise the tango on the train?

"Can other commuters cope with a bit of salsa in the aisles? Will my boys be embarrassed as I cha-cha-cha round the kitchen? Will my partner mind if I waltz to and from the washing machine?

"This is all going to happen. Dancing is going to be on my mind in all the quiet moments."

Reid also revealed that her preparations for the show had not been going well.

She said: "I'd only been with my professional partner - Kevin Clifton, patience personified - for five minutes and I'd forgotten the three Latin steps he'd taught me, or even which foot to start off with."

Reid added: "They speak a different language on Planet Strictly and I am struggling with the alphabet.

"Everyone here is a gorgeous shade of caramel and the false eyelashes are stored in holdalls as big as suitcases."