Meet the Parents star Robert De Niro has said that he has no interest in penning a memoir because he has no idea where he would begin.

The 70-year-old actor admitted that he would struggle to document significant moments in his career and personal life, although he explained that he wouldn't mind using some of his experiences as the grounds for a new film. quote De Niro as saying: "I have thought about it, (but) it's not that easy really... I don't know where I would start... There are so many things that I have and ways to look at it, I don't know where to begin, that's the problem...

"I only thought maybe about doing a movie, not about my life, but about things I understood... Not really autobiographical, but stuff that I relate to, that I connect to, because when you do things it has to be connected to something that you can make personal..."

Robert can next be seen in new crime/comedy film The Family alongside Michelle Pfeiffer.