After a recent article attacking Katherine Heigl's work conduct, co-star Patrick Wilson has defended her saying she is great to work with.

They star alongside each other in new comedy North of Hell and Wilson told The Huffington Post that he would work with her again in a heartbeat and described her as a pro.

The article that was published last week in The Hollywood Reporter included a statement from a source claiming to have worked with the actress on Life As We Know It.

The source said, "She can cost you time every single day of shooting. Wardrobe issues, not getting out of the trailer, questioning the script every single day. Even getting her deal closed at Warners was hard."

North of Hell director, Anthony Burns, has also defended the star saying, "I like honesty and to be cool and have a beer and laugh, and they [Heigl and her mother] are most definitely like that. Hopefully the next people [Heigl] works with will get to know her like I did. She's just a good old girl who likes to speak her mind."

Heigl has recently signed a deal to make her TV comeback with an NBC series that will see her play a CIA analyst.