Sir Elton John has revealed he was inspired by Lindsay Lohan when writing new album The Diving Board.

The title track of the album deals with people coping with fame from a young age.

He told The Sun, "It could be a summation of my career because it's about young people becoming successful and diving off into the unknown."

"What's going to happen? Are they going to survive it? Are they going to become victims of their own success? Are other people going to prey on them and destroy them?"

He then went on to mention Lohan specifically, "You could say it's about me, but I was thinking about Lindsay Lohan when I was writing it."

He continued, "I hate to think of Lindsay because she has a talent, she was a great actress, and then it became all about the madness, the parties and everyone forgets about what put them there in the first place; they get lost in the idea that they are famous for who they are, not what they are."

The Diving Board is set for a September 24th release.