RTÉ 2fm presenter, Colm Hayes will make a cameo appearance in Dublin-based TV soap, Fair City.

Speaking on The Colm Hayes Show this afternoon, the presenter said: "I've got a little bit of exclusive showbiz'y Fair City news. I will be appearing in an episode of Fair City.

"I've already recorded it, we did it on Tuesday. I went into the Fair City studios, spent the entire day there. I appear as...Colm Hayes in an episode in McCoys!

"I can't really tell you [what I do]. I act as myself...Yvonne is there, Orla's there, Wayne, Charlie and I come in because I've been asked to go to McCoys but I can't tell you why!"

He added: "It's going to be on October 17."

As to whether this is the beginning of a career in acting, Hayes said: "I'm thinking Curb Your Enthusiasm with cameras following you around!"

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