Sinead O'Connor has had the initials 'B' and 'Q' permanently tattooed on her face in red ink.

The singer had the letters etched on each of her cheeks as a reminder to a man who upset her.

She told the Irish Sun: “It was suitably painful. It is a B and a Q... the initials of the last man who is ever going to s*** all over me.”

When asked if she wanted a permanent reminder of the unknown person who had annoyed her, she replied: “I want him to be reminded.”

O'Connor added: “Got it done at Zulu Tattoos in Dublin about two weeks ago. I don’t believe in explaining tattoos so even he doesn’t know what it means.

“It’s dangerous to be considered ‘pretty’. I feel safer having ‘un-prettied’ my face... and he doesn’t get to forget.

“So I’m double happy — we musicians do things differently.”

The Nothing Compares 2 U star has had a number of tattoos inked in recent years – including a large image of Jesus Christ and a heart symbol on her chest.