Adele's estranged father has begged for a chance to see his grandson.

Mark Evans - who walked out on the singer when she was a child - is battling bowel cancer and fears he may never see his 10-month-old grandson, Angelo James.

"I still haven't met Angelo and I'm facing the fact I may never do," he told The Sun. "It could be over for me before I get to make my peace with Adele."

Fifty-one-year-old Evans has had tumours removed from his colon and stomach after doctors found 11 potentially deadly growths. He is currently awaiting tests to see if the cancer has stopped spreading.

"The years are going by and I'm worried I'm not going to see my grandson and do the things with him that I did when Adele was a child," Evans added.

Adele stopped talking to her father two years ago after he gave an interview about their past.