Homeland star Damian Lewis has revealed that he asked fellow British actor Hugh Laurie for advice when he was offered a role in the hit drama.

The 42-year-old actor, who plays who plays prisoner of war-turned-Congressman Nicholas Brody in the popular drama, explained that he was wary of quitting theatre work for a U.S. TV show.

Speaking to Esquire magazine, Lewis said: "He had become a global superstar... just like that... I just said, 'Hello, it's Damian Lewis. I'm sitting in your bedroom'. Then I said, 'So, what's it like making one of these Tv things? Because I'm just about to make a decision'. And he gave me advice. He was very sweet."

Lewis further explained that despite Laurie's words of wisdom, nothing could have prepared him for the workload on set.

He further pitched in: "Hugh was the most honest but nobody was particularly honest about what it means to go and work in American TV. You do 70-hour weeks and you don't see your family. It's sweatshop hours. There were a couple of times when I was driving down the (Interstate) 405 at 4am and the whole freeway started to swim in front of me."

Season 3 of Homeland returns to the US on September 29.