Idris Elba has hinted that even though his hit BBC crime drama Luther is set for the big screen, it does not necessarily spell the end of the TV series.

Speaking to movie website Collider, the actor said he'd like to "pick up after season three and figure out what happens next."

"This season wasn't really designed to be closure, [even though] there's massive symbols," he said. "My taking off my coat and [Ripley's death] point towards the end, but I don't think we did that intentionally to say, 'We're at the end of this, we're not going to do anymore.'"

The former star of The Wire, who recently starred in blockbuster Pacific Rim, added that he always wanted to make a Luther film, saying: "I think the origin story is a classic superhero-type set up and I've always likened Luther to a superhero.

"Our intention was always to take it to film, which is where we can really explore what makes this man tick . . . or go on more and more weird and experimental journeys with him, but using the film medium."