Best known as being the former lead singer and vocalist of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant told 2fm's Dave Fanning that he was "ecstatic" to play Electric Picnic.

When Fanning asked Plant how he was feeling after coming off stage at the picnic on Saturday night (August 31), he said: "I'm ecstatic. I'm in the best band I've been in for 500 years and there's a lot of cameraderie. Every night in every part of the whole show something different is taking's very exciting."

Aside from that, the main focus for the 65-year-old singer is family and kids: "I just recently had a major birthday...without it being corny, we were all together, with the kids and the grandchildren and somebody was passing a pipe around and everybody was going 'Yeah, what a time, didn't we have fun!' "

Fanning pointed out that for the last ten years, Plant has worked under the radar, following his own path and that it has worked extremely well for him and Robert agreed: "It's been fantastic. I would never have imagined, given the roots that I have in the British Blues boom and my love of West Coast psychadelia that I'd end up in Nashville singing with Alison Krauss and working on really fine vocal parts that are extraordinary, the amount of constraint because I spent most of my career just letting it go."

Fanning ended by quoting Plant's motto back to him: "There's one quote that you made once, which I thought was brilliant...You use your career as the wind in the sails of your adventure. Long may it continue, is that it?"

"I think so, I hope so yeah. So far so good", replied Plant.

Dave Fanning talks to Robert Plant

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