Alan's exuberant lip-syncing of the song is one of the highlights of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa and now there's talk of Steve Coogan and Roachford teaming up to release a new version of Cuddly Toy in a bid for the UK's Chritmas No 1.

The inimitable Norwich DJ can be seen mouthing along to the 1989 hit by Andrew Roachford in the opening credits to Alpha Papa and Roachford himself has expressed his interest in teaming up with Coogan for a new version of the song.

Since Alan’s unique take on the No 4 hit, the tune has enjoyed a surge of popularity on iTunes, Spotify and Twitter.

Roachford, who continues to write and perform his music around the world, told the Spoonfed Blog: "On a personal level I would love to do it, it would be great fun; it's just whether I'm on tour or out of the country when those things are actually happening. If I'm here, then great but if not then that will be a shame – here's hoping."

But why stop there? Alan has often displayed his peerless musical taste with Clannad, Tubeway Army, Jean Michel Jarre, Heart and the theme from Ski Sunday among his personal favourites. We reckon a full album of collaborations should definitely be considered.

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