Director Morgan Spurlock has spoken about filming the One Direction movie This Is Us.

Dealing with crowds of screaming girls was a new experience for documentary film-maker Morgan Spurlock who took the helm of the One Direction: This Is Us concert documentary film.

Spurlock joked to The Hollywood Reporter, "As a doc filmmaker, we're used to this, people camping out for movies, it's kind of the norm."

He described the whole experience as "spectacular and bananas" and said, "It's one of those things that when you're there it's surreal. You feel like you're in a Kafka film, everywhere these guys go, they get out of the car and five people turn into 500 people."

The hype around One Direction is often likened to Beatlemania and Spurlock agrees, "I'm 42 years old and this is the closest thing I've ever seen in my whole life to what I can only imagine Beatlemania must have been like back when it was really blowing up."

The decision to spend six months with the group and make the film wasn't a difficult one for Spurlock, "They're one of the biggest bands on Earth right now who, when we were diving in, were just on the precipice of exploding into such a global phenomenon. How do you not want to tell that story?"

Spurlock had previously been approached to direct Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and Katy Perry: Part of Me but due to other commitments he was unable to, when Sony called last June about this project however his schedule was open enough for him to take it on.

The Super Size Me director recognised the challenge he faced, "The biggest reservation I had was making a movie with the size and scope in 3D for Sony. That was the biggest fear I had – making that jump into a larger film than anything I'd ever done."

He also commented on what it was like working with the boys, "These guys are so normal, they are so grounded, they are so spectacularly ordinary and they're in this extraordinary situation. They have these incredible families who have instilled such humility and respect into these five young men."