Sharon Osbourne has said that she is "ecstatic" to be back on The X Factor judging panel.

According to Digital Spy, the 60-year-old said: "We're all having such fun together, it's a pleasure.

"There's a great chemistry between all four of us, and it feels as though Nicole and I have gone full circle as I originally introduced her to the show when she acted as a guest mentor at my Judge's House in 2007."

She added: "I much prefer the small audition rooms to the arenas; they are far more intimate so you can really get a sense of the artist.

"If they are good enough they'll go through to the arena auditions and then it's up to them to deliver."

The X Factor returns this Saturday, August 31st, at 8pm on ITV and TV3.

The X Factor judge is pretty clear about what she's looking for: "I'm not just looking for an amazing singer, I'm looking for someone who people will like and remember, someone who's prepared to put in all the hard work because this is a tough business.

"As years go by, this generation that's coming in of young ones are extremely talented. We've had lots of amazing 16-year-old auditionees this year, which proves there's a lot of talent out there coming up through the ranks."