Green Lantern star Blake Lively has revealed that she is excited about ageing.

The 25-year-old actress has stated that she isn't afraid of getting older as it will mean she has gained in life experience.

When asked by French Elle magazine if she feared ageing, she replied: "Are you kidding me? I'm really excited! The older I get, the more wise I feel, the more experiences I have, the more I travel."

Lively, who is married to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, added that she isn't planning on resorting to cosmetic surgery in the future.

"The problem is that women who have it don't actually look younger! Although, I guess maybe when it's really well done, you can't tell . . . Ask me again when I'm 60, I might have changed my mind!"

Lively said that her mother Elaine Lively is her ultimate style icon. "Her style evolves over time. She always looks right for her age, without giving the impression of having aged.

"I've never even seen her blow dry her hair before a night out. I like that natural aspect, no effort, it's very attractive: she never looks like she's spent hours in front of the mirror and everything suits her."