Ben Affleck’s deal with Warner Bros. for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel could see him in line to direct The Justice League movie when the time comes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, talks to include Affleck in the Man of Steel franchise began months and months ago when discussions about bringing Batman into the mix began.

Christopher Nolan, producer of Man of Steel, initially approached Affleck to direct the Superman reboot but Affleck declined.

When director Zack Snyder and Nolan finished work on Man of Steel they reached out to Affleck again to gauge his interest and he was curious, so talks commenced.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling were also possible Bruce Wayne’s but both actors were not keen on the idea of sequels.

It is believed now that Affleck has signed on to star in any sequels in the Man of Steel franchise should they come to be, and when The Justice League film comes around Warner Bros. may just ask the star to direct it too.