James Franco has dropped hints on Twitter and Instagram about his involvement in a new TV project.

The Hollywood actor posted a series of artwork on Instagram and sent cryptic tweets, stating that an announcement will be made tonight (August 21).

"They don't want me to say the channel yet, don't know why," he tweeted on August 19. "But I guess you'll find out Wednesday."

Over on Instagram there was a picture posted of his face superimposed on the Mona Lisa, along with the words: "New TV series about art duuuh."

In a further tweet he added: "New show, with me, and a bunch of crazy stuff. Announcement tomorrow."

A new photo had his face superimposed onto a Van Gogh painting, with the words: "New TV show: James Franco presents."

Franco also recently signed up to play a doctor in the upcoming season of Fox comedy The Mindy Project, which continues on Tuesdays on E4.