On tonight's edition of 2fm's The Alternative, Dan Hegarty will be chatting to ex-Creation Records co-founder and music mogul Alan McGee.

The 52-year-old record label owner, who championed successful acts such as Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Oasis and The Libertines to the top of the charts, will be chatting to Dan about his current label 359 Records.

Power of Dreams frontman Craig Walker, who recently signed to Alan's label, will also be in the 2fm studio to chat about his new band, Mineral.

Speaking to Dan about signing Craig to his label, Alan said: “We were lucky to get Craig for 359. He sent me an email saying that the band wanted to sign to our label. Once I’d heard the Mineral album, I said You’re signed!”

Craig further explained that his new manager is an "amazing guy," saying: “Power Of Dreams is how I met Alan back in 1990. We’ve kept in touch ever since; he’s an amazing guy.”

Mineral's album Plastic Ekphr is out in October.

You can catch the full interview tonight (Tuesday 20) with Dan Hegarty on The Alternative from 10pm.