Two Home and Away characters are set to be involved in an explosive car accident on the soap which leaves their lives hanging in the balance. Warning! Spoiler Alert!

The accident involves Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) and Maddy Osborne (Kassandra Clementi) and happens the pair go to a Summer Bay function where Maddy meets up with newcomer Josh who persuades her to stay out a bit late.

Casey has been charged with making sure she gets home safely and panics when she cannot be found. He drags her to the car but on the way home is blinded by strong headlights in his rear-view mirror and loses control. Josh and his older brother are following them. Casey is forced to drag a badly injured Maddy from the car but it explodes while they are still near it.

Speaking to TV Week Younes said "Casey and Maddy are making amends with each other when all of a sudden they are run off the road by a four-wheel drive.

"Maddy is unconscious and the car is burning, so he has to act very quickly. He's really hurt, but manages to carry her out of the car before it explodes."

Younes said: "He wakes up and it is a life-changing thing that has happened to him. He's not the same person."