Ted star Mark Wahlberg has revealed that he managed to get lots of good advice from his 2 Guns co-star while on set.

The 42-year-old actor explained that he loved working with 58-year-old Washington on the action movie and relished the opportunity to question him on several topics.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Mark said: "I've always admired him. We've known each other socially a little bit here and there. We've got a lot in common. Both have four kids. I was able to constantly ask him for advice and pick his brain, both personally and professionally.

"He said, whatever your wife says goes. Just say yes all the time, just be involved."

When asked about his 30 pounds weight loss for the movie, Wahlberg further pitched in: ''I came in at 212 pounds for my last film Pain and Gain so I had to lose weight. I did it playing basketball, changing my diet, using supplements. Just doing work.''