Actor Chris Fountain has been suspended from Coronation Street after filming a series of offensive rap videos.

Fountain plays mechanic Tommy Duckworth on the show. In the videos he is dressed in a Halloween mask with a number of friends delivering a series of offensive raps.

The soap has launched an inquiry into the video which were brought to their attention by The Sun newspaper.

The videos were filmed some time ago.

A spokesperson for the show said "ITV find the language used and the views expressed in this video totally unacceptable. Chris Fountain has been suspended pending further inquiries into this matter."

The actor himself released a statement saying "I would like to sincerely apologise for any offence I have caused. I am deeply ashamed by the lyrics and very much regret my behaviour. The videos were made over a year ago when I was experimenting with music and I've not done anything like it since and nor will I."