Katy Perry says that her new album Prism helped rekindle her love for music.

The 28-year-old star admitted that after struggling with personal issues, recording songs made her gain "perspective" on life again.

Perry told Radio.com: ''I went to Stockholm and I made a lot of it in Stockholm and made a lot of it in my home town, Santa Barbara.

''And I just went and reconnected with the real reason why I wanted to be in music, because I felt like I had a perspective and like other people I was trying to bring the honest truth to the surface.''

She added, ''[I wanted to] have people relate to it, like not to have a message or be an anthem 'cos I can get annoying too.

''So the record really covers so many different subjects, and the reason I call it Prism is because I was going through a lot of stuff. And I finally let the light into my life through many different things.''

Prism is set to be released in October.