Lady Gaga has responded to leaks of her new single Applause by declaring a "POP MUSIC EMERGENCY" and rush releasing the song to US radio and the iTunes store.

The song, the lead single from Gaga's ARTPOP album, leaked more than a week ahead of its official release date. Gaga had planned a campaign to release the single on the same day that the album, and spin-off app, will be available to pre-order.

In a sign of how fervent her fans are, the Little Monsters scurried to Mother Monster's aid and started a campaign to head off illegal streams and downloads of the song by reporting illicit leaks to her label, Universal.

Gaga was upset by news of the illegal downloads and streams, tweeting "Lord, in HEAVEN WHY" and "YOU JUST COULDNT WAIT THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ONE SATURDAY".

She then appeared to see the funny side and even invited Katy Perry, also beset by leaks, to "grab some shovels and **** up some hackers". ARTPOP is due for escape, sorry, release on November 11th.