Katie Holmes is set to release her own make-up range.

The actress is teaming up with cosmetics giant Bobbi Brown for a line of "quick fix" products.

The range, which is called Bobbi & Katie, will feature an eye shadow palette, multi-purpose Pot Rouge creams and eye pencils in nudes and natural shades.

Holmes told WWD of the inspiration behind the range: "Nobody wants to look like they've been getting ready for hours. It's all about the effortless chic."

She said of the shades used in the collection: "It felt very girly, but at the same time masculine in a way."

Holmes, who has been the face of Bobbi Brown since September, added that women can apply the cosmetics "in the back of a cab... in your bathroom at home... [or] in the parking lot at your child's soccer game."

Designer Brown said of Holmes' range: "She really has a feel for what women want and need. She has a great eye for colour and design."