Justin Bieber has outraged fans, who have branded him "disgusting" after the singer spat on them from a hotel balcony.

The 19-year-old Believe hitmaker spat on his devout fans, who were waiting to catch a glimpse of their idol outside the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto, much to the amusement of his friends.

Upset Beliebers took to twitter to complain. Katie Langley wrote: ''Justin Bieber spat at his fans from a balcony because he was bored. That's just downright disgusting.''

Blogger Rebekka-Mary Darling added: ''Justin Bieber spitting? Seriously? Can't you afford a tissue with all your millions? It's revolting.''

And gossip columnist Rob Shuter wrote: ''I'm so over this clown.''

The incident is the fourth spitting controversy the teenage star has been involved in this year.

Earlier this month, DJ Addison Ulhaq claimed the 'Baby' singer spat in his eye, nose and mouth and insulted him during a row at the Social Room in Columbus, Ohio.

In March, Justin denied allegations from one of his neighbours that he had spat in his face during a row, and in January a woman claimed he or a friend had spat in her drink at a North Carolina gym.