In Sunday night's episode the contestants receive a Masterclass from pastry chef extraordinaire Claire Clark, and Maia Dunphy sets herself a tough chocolate challenge - with some balloons.

The first challenge on tomorrow night's episode sees the contestants trying to recreate Claire Clark's deconstructed summer fruit trifle.

Claire, who worked at the legendary 3 Michelin starred French Laundry in California, has high praise for Maia Dunphy.

She said: “I honestly have to say you’ve been an absolute pleasure and joy to watch work. I was mightily impressed I have to say.

"It looks amazing. I hope its going taste as good as it looks so I’ll have to destroy it at this stage!”

Maia, who blushes at the high praise, was then offered a job the Claire, who received an MBE in 2011 in July 2011.

Claire said: "The only criticism I have – the soaking of that sponge just for a fraction longer would have really nailed it – otherwise it’s perfect. “

She added: “If you ever need a job...”

The second challenge in this episode is for the celebrities to recreate a favourite dessert from their childhood. Maia chooses a “simple vanilla semi-freddo, dark chocolate and a bit of fruit and cream.”

She explains to Dylan: “We never really had dessert in my house. My mum would buy Viennetta for special occasions and hide the box in the bin.”

As part of her presentation Maia wants to use balloons to create a chocolate basket.

She said: “What I’m trying to do is make a little basket to sit the ice cream in to make it look slightly more impressive because Claire is here.

"Hopefully that will work so I’m going to pipe it in little spirals around. I tried it before but it burst and I have to repaint my ceiling – that’s how much mess I made! So I haven’t actually done it before when it’s worked…”

She added: “if it bursts, honestly it will just go everywhere – I’m not exaggerating when they burst it was a disaster, it went everywhere – my face was covered! Will I try this on TV?”

Will Maia’s balloon trick work? Or will the MasterChef kitchen be splattered in chocolate? Tune in to find out on Sunday on RTÉ One at 21:30.c