Four-time Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams has opened up about her insecurities and fear of the limelight.

In a front cover interview with Elle magazine, the actress explained how she fled the spotlight after an acclaimed performance in 2002's Catch Me if you Can.

She said: "I choked. I felt this pressure to suddenly be this level of actress that I wasn’t confident enough to be."

The Man of Steel star added: "Being an actress hasn't made me insecure. I was insecure long before I declared I was an actress. I like not being noticed."

She added: "It has been a struggle because I love performing, but if I'm in a group of people and someone has a bigger personality I'm like, 'Go ahead, and have fun!' It looks like a lotta work."

She added: "I had an existential crisis at the Oscars, sitting next to Sean Penn and Meryl Streep and being like, 'What am I doing here? I don't belong here'."

DC Comics and Warner Bros recently announced that not only will there be a sequel to Man of Steel but it will unite Superman and Batman for the first time on the big screen.

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