738,000 viewers watched the very first episode of Love/Hate when it debuted on UK's Channel 5 last Wednesday night and the show has been picking up positive reviews too.

Seasons one and two have already aired on Scotland's STV channel and it has also been distributed to a number of foreign networks as well as being available on US streaming site Hulu.

Guardian critic and media commentator Mark Lawson said of the show, "Showing an Ireland in which God is slowly dying, Love/Hate is also located at a time when the economy is expiring quickly.

"Although the residue of the Euro-driven boom is still visible in the glittering buildings and the fleets of expensive wheels in the car showroom where one character works, the money has run out. `Ireland is f***ed for the next 10 years,' predicts John Boy in one speech before optimistically outlining the killings to be made by criminals."

However, at least one newcomer to the show struggled with the Dublin accents. "Anyone watching Love Hate with subtitles?!" Daniella Chaudry tweeted, "Can’t understand an effing word!"

The Irish Independent quotes actor Peter Coonan, who plays Fran in the series which is due back on RTÉ later this year, as saying, "To see that many people watching the first episode is pretty amazing and hopefully with word of mouth and seeing the reviews more will be encouraged to turn on their tellies."

Susan Loughnane, who plays prostitute Debbie in the series, says she's excited about the show's continued success in the UK..

"I'm not in the first season, so I have a couple of weeks to chill out. I really enjoy my anonymity over there so it'll be different having people know me, if they do," she said.