Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat has announced that the show's upcoming 50th anniversary will not feature a "traditional massive reunion".

The 51-year-old noted that an 11-Doctor story is impossible because not all of the actors are alive to take part.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "People say, 'Are you going to do the 11 Doctors?' We can't do 11 Doctors! Three of them are dead!"

But there will be a trio of Time Lords involved as Matt Smith and David Tennant will star as the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in the 50th anniversary special alongside John Hurt, Jenna-Louise Coleman and Billie Piper.

Moffat explained the basic plan of the movie-length episode:"What we're not doing is the traditional massive reunion. It's a different kind of anniversary, and the spine of that is David and Matt."

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special will be broadcast on Saturday, November 23 on BBC One.

To whet your appetite, here are Matt Smith and David Tennant discussing the 50th anniversary: