Former Eastenders star Rob Kazinsky has spoken about a desire to return to the soap, saying that his character Sean Slater's story did not conclude satisfactorily.

Kazinsky appeared on the BBC soap from 2006 - 2009, and has since found success in the US on the HBO vampire show True Blood.

The actor told Digital Spy that he wasn't happy with how things were left for Sean.

He explained: "I quit EastEnders after a short amount of time and eventually I left, but I was never happy with how the character finished and I've always felt like that we could've done more, but c'est la vie.

"I'd never say never to a return. I don't feel that Sean's character was ever finished off properly. I've always wanted to kind of finish that story - it feels like an open chapter in my life, so when the time is right then the time will be right."

The actor also said that soap stars don't get enough credit for their acting skills, saying: "We get told a lot that we aren't actors and that we are not up to the quality, but the truth is that I've worked on a lot of movies and worked with a lot of actors now, and the best I've ever worked with are still on EastEnders.

"I'm in touch with most people from EastEnders - if ever any of them come to LA, then I'm always putting people up. I speak to almost everyone, funnily enough it's more people than I thought it would be."