Lawson's Andy Brown has promised to run naked through London if the band tops the UK charts next weekend.

"We bumped into Robin Thicke in the studio yesterday," Brown explained. "We are loving him at the moment, can't get enough of him, so it's pretty full on to think we are now up against him in the charts with Brokenhearted this weekend.

"I promised that if we make it to number one that I'll run through London naked."

He added: "If we beat Robin Thicke then maybe we can make a Thicke/Lawson remix with his video and Lawson in the background instead of the girls he had . . . I'm not certain he would go for it though!"

Nudity is not a problem for Lawson as the entire band posed starkers for a centrefold In the August 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, in support of Cancer Research.

Check them out singing Heartbroken: