Price reckons fans come to his gigs because they are not satisfied with other musicians, particularly those who lip-sync their way through a concert.

The 55-year-old singer has revealed that he believe his supporters have been “changed” by his music and reckons they stay loyal to him because he always sings live.

Speaking to V magazine he said: ''People come to see us 50 times. Well, that's not just going to see a concert - that's some other mess going on.

''This music changes you, these people are not being satisfied elsewhere by musicians, you feel what I'm saying? It's no disrespect to anyone else, because we're not checking for them. But we don't lip synch. We ain't got time for it.''

The Purple Rain hitmaker also admitted that his solo career has been put on the back burner for now in favour of his new all-female band 3rdEyeGirl because he is desperate to get the ''talented'' group's music heard.

He said: ''I'm trying to get these women's careers started, because they're all so talented. It's not even about me anymore.''