It’s been reported that George Clooney and Stacy Keibler have split up after two years of dating.

According to People, Keibler apparently ended the relationship after realising that she has different dreams and ambitions from Clooney.

"Stacy called it quits," a source said. "She wants to have children and a family someday. She knows where George stands on that."

The insider added that the split was "friendly", saying: "They talked and they quietly stopped being a couple several weeks ago . . . They [still] talk every day. They were friends before they started dating and they'll be friends after."

Another source suggested that the couple's busy schedules may also have been part of the reason for the split.

"They haven't seen each other in a while and they've both been working so much, so in recent months, they've started growing apart," the insider said.