The Beach Boys have insisted that they never sacked singer Brian Wilson and would jump at the chance to work with him again.

The Surfin' U.S.A hitmakers are adamant that they didn't sack frontman Brian, who briefly rejoined the band for their 50th anniversary tour and new album That's Why God Made The Radio last year, explaining that it was Wilson who wanted to stop touring with the band.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, band member Mike, said: ''I don't know how that sacking controversy started. I'd love to work with Brian again.

''The anniversary tour was originally 50 dates, and got extended to 73. At that point, Brian said: 'No more dates for us, please.'"

''So once we finished those 73 shows we went back to the line-up of the band before he rejoined.''

Mike also said that he would love to write more songs with Brian, his cousin, who was the band's main songwriter in the 60s saying: ''I'd very much like to get in a room, just him and I, to write more songs. We've always had a special chemistry, which has helped craft some fantastic music and given us a tremendous amount of success.

We didn't write together on last year's album, and I'd like to do that more than anything.''

When asked if he would ever get back with The Beach Boys, Brian added: ''No, I don't think so. Doubt it.''