She's most famous for playing straight-talking maneater Samantha in Sex and The City but Kim Cattrall has said that she gets lonely and that she also has "a very healthy dose of self-loathing"

Speaking to London's Evening Standard, 56-year-old actress said, "Yes, I do get lonely and sometimes it makes me very sad. It was difficult when I was very young because I was so separated from my family. When I was at school or acting in a play, I felt very much part of something and then it would always change and I would be by myself."

Asked if she "liked herself", Cattrall said, "I have a very healthy dose of self-loathing. But I think we all have a past of being whatever our story was, of feeling not good enough. It can propel you to work harder and do more, but it can also be a tremendous trap and you can't see beyond it."

Cattrall, who is currently starring in Tennessee Williams' Sweet Bird of Youth in London's Old Vic, added that she is unsure of marrying for the third time: "I don't know but I'm very good at being alone. I have been a lot in my life."