Popstar Jessie J has revealed she is so ‘addicted’ to her career she has no time for romance at the moment.

The Pricetag singer admits that she prefers spending time with her family and friends when she is not working.

The Voice UK coach told Glamour UK: “I'm addicted to my job right now. I want to be a good daughter, I want to be a great sister, I want to be a great aunt, I want to be a great friend.

''I know I've got the right friends because they understand when they haven't seen me for three months and then, when I do see them, it's exactly as it was before.''

25-year-old Jessie, who will be playing in the Phoenix Park alongside Justin Timberlake on July 10, added: “If I did meet somebody, I would only ever make room for someone that loved me how I deserved to be loved. Until then, I've got my dog.''